5k Race Certificate Template

There are quite a lot of certificates with a running race category, one of them is a 5k Race Certificate. In this running competition it is very clear that the distance of the track that must be taken by participants is around 5 km.

Download 7+ best ideas of 5k Race Certificate Template for winner, fun run, running award, marathon finisher, completion with many formats!

Download 7+ Best Ideas of 5k Race Certificate Template Free

Paddle at The Point | The 5k Race is included in the race category. Participants are not limited by age, because shorter track distances do not require much stamina.

These 7+ best ideas of 5k Run have a colorful and varied design. Just choose the file format between PDF or Microsoft Word and save them. [Download]

This running sport is also included in a fun race, so many people are enthusiastic about participating in this race. Don’t forget, we offer a running certificate template with a fairly complete number of categories, let’s call it a Marathon and Finisher Certificate Templates for the winners.